Klaipeda challenge 2019

We need to pick-up start packages at Akropolis on friday. Can we do it on saturday at the event center?

Yes you can, just please come to event center as early as you can, so you can do this without stress.

Skates are in black and red courses. Are they mandatory?

Rollerskates are optional, you can pass this part of course on foot, but you know, you won’t have much fun and you’ll be left behind by other teams.

Will there be any water tasks?

All courses are set so you’ll need to go to the beach and pass some controls in water, but you won’t need to swim.

How about SUPs, finnfoam, kayaks?

There will be no finnfoam or SUPs in this year’s course. Kayaks will be only for black and red courses.

Will there be tunnels?

Klaipeda doesn’t have so much dungeons or tunnels, but there will be few controls in bunkers. You can find them even without a fashlight, but it’s recommended to have at least with your cellphone.

Where do we start with skates and bikes?

Skates are only for black and red courses. You’ll start from event center with them, just know (IMPORTANT) – you should take running shoes with you, because skates will need to be left in the middle of the course at intermediate control and run back to the event center. From there you’ll start with the bike. All the courses starting and finishing course with bikes at the same place – in the event center.

What's with the sea kayaks?

There will be sea kayaks only for black course. This part of the course depends on weather, waves and wind. You’ll get all the instructions at the starting point. If the weather is very bad, the sea kayaks control might be canceled.

Participant’s packages

Who can reclaim participants package?

Ideally both team members should come to take starting package. But if one is not available, the other can reclaim it for both of team members, if he provides an ID/passport copy and brings filled and signed agreement.

What's in the participant's package?

Number bibs for both team members and their bikes, SportIdent cards (if they are rented) and t-shirt (if you bought it).

Will I receive the map with participant's package/

No, maps for event day are provide at the event center – in the starting point zone.

Can I reclaim starting package on the event day?

Yes, but keep in mind that people working in the event center might be very busy, so please come to the event center at least ~1 hour left till your start minute.

What should I bring to get the participant's package?

Agreements by both team members, ID/passport just to identify you. We will have agreement forms printed, but please save your time and bring it printed and signed, if you have ability to do it.
If the package is taken by only one team member, he should provide signed agreement and copy of ID/Passport of your team member.


When should I wear the helmet?

The helmet should be on your head for the competition time – from start to finish.

Event day

When should I arrive at the event center?

At least one hour until your start. We recommend arriving early as you can so you can prepare with no stress.

Where should I leave my stuff?

In the event center you’ll find a guarded area. You can enter it only with your number, it will be guarded by security and staff members.